Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine (UTC)

Our Ultrasonic Tool Cleaner is the most effective and efficient method for cleaning punches & dies and tablet press parts. A regular cleaning routine with it ensures longevity and efficient performance of tableting tools.


  • Most thorough method of cleaning
  • Ensures accurate assessment and consistent cleaning of tools without manual intervention
  • Reduces deterioration or damage to delicate surfaces
  • Cleans intricate areas like embossing, upper punch key ways, inside of die Reduces cleaning time
  • Reduces chances of damage as manual handling is minimised
  • Improves tooling life drastically

Stainless Steel Tooling Basket

The Stainless Steel Tooling Basket has been designed to save time, reduce handling and prevent tool damage. It provides secure handling of tooling from Tablet Press to the Cleaning System to Storage Shelf. The baskets can also be used for storage along with plastic box.

Main features

  • Cycle time of 5 to 15 minutes
  • Timer controller
  • Temperature controller
  • Tank suitable for Tooling Basket
Technical Specifications :
Capacity: D / B Tooling (SETS) 23 / 33 44 / 62
Number of Baskets 1 2
Ultrasonic Power (Watt) 750 1250
Digital Timer for Ultrasonic Yes Yes
Heater (Watt) 1500 x 2nos 3500 x 2nos
Digital Temperature Controller Yes Yes
Float Switch for min water level Yes Yes
Rinsing Jet Optional Yes
Air Gun for Drying (with FRL) Optional Yes
Tank Size (L X B X H mm) 500 x 300 x 300 650 x 335 x 350
Water Consumption (Litres per fill) 32 47
MOC – Tank S.S. 316L S.S. 316L
MOC – Structure & Outer Panels S.S. 304 S.S. 304
Inlet Valve No Yes
Drain Valve Yes Yes
Overflow Port Yes Yes
Sloped Bottom for easy draining Yes Yes
Machine Size (L X B X H mm) 950 x 700 x 1500 1300 x 770 x 1750
Net Weight (kgs) 100 120