Punch Tip Eraser

Prior to discarding compression tooling, it's essential to safely and simply destroy unwanted punches. Traditionally, companies have resorted to unsafe methods like grinding, hammering, or torching punch tips, requiring a high level of skill to avoid injury. Introducing PTEM, a user-friendly machine designed to safely and effectively destroy punch tips. This fully automatic machine operates via a touch screen interface, making it easy to use and requiring less time to destroy the complete punch set.

Key Advantages

  • Removes cups and punch tips from unwanted tableting punches safely and efficiently
  • Allows hands-free destruction of pharmaceutical tooling without generating heat, dust or noise
  • Constructed completely from stainless steel
  • Designed for installation in existing tooling rooms or any typical pharmaceutical environment
Technical Specifications :
B Tool Turret Capacity 26 STN
D Tool Turret Capacity 20 STN
Grinding Cycle Time 20 Minutes
Motor 1 HP
Length X Width X Height Length X Width X Height