Tablet Designing Services

Tablet designing is a complex science, wherein a well-crafted design can preempt numerous potential defects at the outset. Leveraging our advanced tablet design software, we design a tablet by focusing on

  • Tablet appearance
  • Dimension
  • Target thickness
  • Target weight
  • Target surface area and volume

This comprehensive service is extended to our customers at absolutely no charge.

Knowledge Center

We are delighted to offer access to the wealth of knowledge from our innovative solutions and extensive research, all for the benefit of the pharmaceutical community.

To explore further, please utilize the link provided below, where you can access the Weight chart, MOC chart and Coating chart

Tooling Trouble Shooting

We're here to support you with common troubleshooting solutions for tableting and tablet press issues through our open-source app and training program.

Tool Doctor App: Our app offers instant solutions for tableting problems, covering issues related to tooling, tablet press, formulation, and operational parameters. To access the full software, please click on the link below and reach out to us for your 'Login ID' and 'Password'.

Training: If you're interested in our tableting troubleshooting training, please email us at to inquire and sign up.