Inspection Kit

A number of problems can arise in Punches & Dies and tools due to prolonged use:

  • Excessive weight variation
  • Tablet hardness variation
  • Excessive powder seepage from lower punch or collar formation
  • Bending of small size punch tips caused by excessive compression pressure

These problems need to be addressed in order to avoid excessive damage. Our inspection kit provides the most comprehensive review of tableting tools, identifying inconsistencies and problems by checking important parameters.

Polishing Kit

Every punch tip is precise and accurate and even slight wear and tear can result in the production of dull or collared tablets. Hence, polishing of punch cavity is an important exercise to ensure reliability of the tooling process.

Our polishing kit consists of different types of brushes for different cavities and different types of pastes for varied application. Our punch cavity polishing kit helps in acquiring the original cavity finish of tablet punches.

Polishing requires extreme care to ensure that the original cavity finish is achieved and there is no excessive polishing.

Tablet Press Setup Kit

The Tablet Press Setup kit is meticulously crafted to facilitate the seamless maintenance and inspection of critical components within the Tablet Press Machine. With its comprehensive array of tools, including precision gauges, specialized jigs, and cleaning brushes, this kit offers a one-stop solution for ensuring the optimal performance.

Designed with ease of use in mind, each tool within the kit is carefully selected to enable accurate assessment of the machine's parts dimensional parameters and facilitating the effortless setting of spare parts.

Sticking Evaluation Kit

Sticking poses a significant challenge in solid dosage manufacturing, underscoring the importance of meticulously selecting the appropriate combination of materials of construction (MOC) and coatings for tablet punches during the R&D phase. The Sticking Evaluation Kit offers a solution, featuring eight distinct combinations of anti-sticking coatings and MOCs. This kit enables users to conduct trials with various R&D formulations, aiding in the identification of the most effective combination for optimal results as they progress towards commercial manufacturing.