Dust Extractors

Our Pharma Dust Extractors stand out for their exceptional performance in controlling and managing dust generated during various activities such as tablet compression, tablet de-dusting and granulation. Their applications span across diverse sectors including food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries.

Key Features:

  • Low Maintenance
  • Ease of Operation
  • High Performance
  • Sturdy Structure
  • Long Operational Life
  • Maintenance-Free Unit
  • Excellent Integration
  • Low Noise Operation


Deduster is designed with the latest technology to guarantee the cleanliness and integrity of tablets throughout the de-dusting process.
It is available in types Elevating Deduster and Vibro Deduster

Key Features:

  • Exceptional Cleaning Performance
  • Improved tablet appearance
  • Long dedusting path
  • Polishing of sides
  • Adjustable feeding height and chute

Metal Detector

The metal detector system in Pharmaceutical segment is widely used for detecting the external contamination in Tablets / Capsules.

On occurrence of metal contamination in the product, the actuation of rejection mechanism initiated and tablets / capsules are isolated / segregated from the main stream. The rejected tablets / capsules are collected in the collection bin provided with the system and good tablets / capsules are collected in the container, placed at the discharge.

Combo Deduster + Metal Detector

Combo Deduster + Metal Detector consists of vertical bottom to top Deduster integrated with Digital Metal Detector. The Deduster is provided with frequency and power control drive ensuring effective Dedusting and Deburring. The entire Dedusting settings are controlled from the Metal Detector. The inlet can be rotated through 360 degree and hence the same can be used for Right or Left outlet of compression machine conveniently.

  • Effect of Vibrations on Metal Detector has been completely Nullified, hence Metal Detector can be used Optimally
  • Even Single Tablet also travels from bottom to top
  • Gas Spring used for Height Adjustment
  • Elevations of Tablets through Multiple no. of Spirals.
  • Independent Power and Frequency Adjustment

Torque Wrench & Screw Driver

We Supply Torques wrench and screwdrivers for tightening of die locking screws. A torque wrench is a precision tool, which guarantees reliable and quality tightening. Its use is essential to avoid any deterioration or breakage of dies.

Torque screwdriver also available for the tightening of lower punch retainer screw.

Tablet Press Spares

We specialize in manufacturing high-quality turrets and spare parts for tableting machines used in pharmaceutical production. Our turrets, made from special graded cast iron, offer superior tensile strength for extended durability. Worm gear ring is conveniently separable from the turret.

We supply spares for leading brands like Adept, Manesty, Stokes, and Cadmach.

Turret Cleaning

Maintaining cleanliness within the punch and die turret bore is essential for efficient machine operation. Turret cleaning brushes, along with die pocket cleaners, are specifically crafted to facilitate this task with ease. These brushes are tailored for various tooling sizes such as "D", "B", and "BB".